Native Irish Oysters

Also Know As Wild Irish Oysters or Flat Oysters

Native Irish Oysters, whose scientfic name Ostrea edulis, are also known as Wild Irish Oysters or Flat Oysters. Oysters are filter feeders of plankton and algae . The water type and bay in which they are grown influences their flavour. This is known as the merroir as in terroir for wine.

The Native Irish Oysters have a very complex flavour and taste clean, light, crisp with a steely finish. They are high in omega 3 fatty acids and low in cholesterol and a a good source of vitamins A, Bs, C, D and minerals iron, magnesium, calcium and zinc.

The flat oysters are historically significant as the original native European oyster and again have been harvested in Tralee Bay for millennia utilising tradition harvesting methods.There are currently only a few locations in Ireland where they are harvested, with Tralee Bay, in the Southwest corner of Ireland, being one of the most pristine and best managed fisheries.

Native Irish Oysters are a delicacy and shouldn’t be confused with the more commonly seen Pacific Oysters, which are farmed throughout Ireland.

Did You Know

Wild Irish Oysters are only available to buy when there is an ‘R’ in the month! The oyster season runs from September to April, to allow the maximum time for spawning and also ensure they are harvested when they are at their most flavorsome. Always worth waiting for.